Inhale, exhale

I was sitting in my garden on my day off from my full time job and it was a nice sunny day. This was my second to last week of work before my resignation, as I was leaving to focus on my business full time. Here I am in the middle of a pandemic andContinue reading “Inhale, exhale”

Mother’s Day

This has been the first Mother’s Day I’ve experienced where I’ve seen my mum in so much pain. Have you ever witnessed a mother on mother’s day who has experienced pain? A woman who you look up to that stays strong at all times, to see them crumble can be heartbreaking. I want to shareContinue reading “Mother’s Day”

Who is Jadine Delarose?

I thought I’d start my first post as an introduction on myself, reflecting over the past decade. How many of you have actually sat there and said to yourself who am I? Or what have I achieved or overcome in my life? Life goes by so quickly and you can often just work to surviveContinue reading “Who is Jadine Delarose?”