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I used to be someone who kept my feelings to myself as I found it hard to express them in words. And I’ve never been one for being strong in a confrontation. I retreat back into myself, and don’t say half the things I want to. So I found a way of expressing myself onContinue reading “Anxiety”

Be the change

So for the last two weeks I’ve really felt down and unhappy. Everyone has had their own struggle during lockdown and one of mine was having no motivation to workout. I started comfort eating and as a result I gained some weight. I wasn’t going anywhere so didnt really notice until I did a businessContinue reading “Be the change”

Inhale, exhale

I was sitting in my garden on my day off from my full time job and it was a nice sunny day. This was my second to last week of work before my resignation, as I was leaving to focus on my business full time. Here I am in the middle of a pandemic andContinue reading “Inhale, exhale”

Mother’s Day

This has been the first Mother’s Day I’ve experienced where I’ve seen my mum in so much pain. Have you ever witnessed a mother on mother’s day who has experienced pain? A woman who you look up to that stays strong at all times, to see them crumble can be heartbreaking. I want to shareContinue reading “Mother’s Day”

My First Post

For so many years my brother told me I should do a blog and I always though I don’t know what to write about and no one is going to read about my life, however it is a new decade and I thought I always keep diaries/notebooks where I write down my thoughts and feelings,Continue reading “My First Post”

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