The Truth About Business

Most people know that I have my own business and started it in 2017 by doing the odd jobs for family and friends however I didn’t actually launch my business until 2018.

Fast forward two years since I started and I am proud of how far I have come and proud of my development within my business. Lockdown hit alot of people and now more than ever I have seen so many new businesses start up be it beauty, lashes, events, bakers or balloons. I think it’s amazing that people are branching out and doing something for themselves. The common thing that I have seen with the new businesses is how upset people have got over friends or family not supporting them. I totally understand how they feel because I too experienced this when I first started and even still now.

Throughout my own personal and business development I have realised that you should stop getting upset about family or friends who don’t support you. I say this because not everyone is really going to want you to succeed no matter how close you think they are, it hurts but it is the truth! I also want to say that not all your family and friends have to support you either and this may shock some people. The reason I say this is because not all your family and friends are going to be interested in your business. For example a fitness person who focuses on their natural body and wellbeing may not be ineterested in following or promoting a business to do with aesthetics or surgery, as this does not fit with their life and ethos.

I spoke to one of my cousins, who knows alot of people and has always supported me about how he feels sharing friends/family businesses and they said “I’ve got friends that have businesses and I love them but I dont have to share it on social media. I may message them privately to make sure their business is all good and even pray that their business is successful. I want to see everyone win, but not everyone I love, I have to post their business.” This really made me rethink about how I felt and I was able to resonate with what he said. It even made me think about myself and what I share and don’t share. I was able to understand why someone may not share something and I felt more at peace.

I respect alot of people who have started their own business and commend them on doing so and wish them all the best however I don’t have to share everything. I know alot of people and have networked with so many people who have businesses however there are times when their business is something im not interested in, or if I don’t think a picture or video is great and doesn’t showcase the work well, then I don’t have to share it.

We have moved into a time where social media is so powerful and people get so caught up in followers and likes that it forms an unrealistic expectation. Because of this unrealistic expectation, when you start a business you can automatically assume that you have to have so many followers and likes on your page. This is not true. You could have 10k followers on your page however how many of those 10k followers are actually buying from your business or will bring you custom? The amount of followers you have does not impact the sales you make on your business, unless you are a social media influencer and get paid for your posts/advertisement.

Published by Jadinedelarose

Wedding and Events Planner BA in Fashion Degree Jamaican Heritage

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