I Hate You

Have you ever been on the receiving end of someone saying to you they can’t even bare to look at you or they hate you and have never hated someone so much in their life? 

I have and I can tell you it hurts!!!

It not very often I share something as personal as this, but I wanted to share this with you, especially during mental health awareness week, to show that no matter what someone says about you, you can be strong and you can protect yourself against those words.

I grew up in a Christian household and one of the main Bible scriptures my mum used to say to me was “Life and death are in the power of the tongue”. I didn’t really understand the meaning of this when I was younger, and it’s only been through growing up and experiencing different situations or seeing different things that I have now been able to understand why she used to say this.

Someone came to see me in December last year and they called me a crap person. Then in February this year someone said that they hated me and have never hated someone so much in their life. Hearing these words broke me. No matter how much I prayed for release and tried to move on from it, those words would come into my head from time to time, and it really made me question who I am. I started to doubt myself and my character. I would smile on the outside to people I saw but when I was alone I would cry.

Words are extremely powerful and can be said so quickly and sometimes without true thought, that you don’t realise how you could make someone feel or what you could be putting out there into the atmosphere. If you speak bad and negative things that’s what you will attract. It wasn’t until I was on the receiving end of being told I was a crap person and that someone hated me that I started to think about the way I speak in every-day life.

For those who know me know that I am such a caring person, I can be shy and sometimes don’t talk much but that’s because I’m observant. I have to sus someone out first before I feel comfortable enough to share my life with them. Once that person has been ‘let in’ I love and fight hard for them. I love helping people and am so generous that whenever someone needs my help I will go above and beyond to do that. Not everyone will give someone a second chance, but I do because I like to see the best in people.

It’s taken a while but I can finally say those words don’t hurt me anymore. Randomly over the past few months different people have shown their appreciation towards me and this is how I’ve overcome not allowing those words to bring me down. Kind words have been shared with me and some from people I wouldn’t have expected it from. I told myself everyday that I am not a bad person, I am strong, I am successful and I won’t allow anything to bring me down. I’ve received so much unexpected love from people out of the blue that I was able to reflect on that and tell myself my character will always shine. Sometimes you automatically expect support to come from your family or friends however I’ve learnt that not everyone will support you and that’s okay. I’ve received support from so many other people out there that it overwhelms me, especially when it’s from someone unexpected. I got over those words by staying true to my character and finding the strength to not give up. Take each day at a time and keep on pressing on.

For when you stay true to your character you don’t have to say anything, it will shine on it’s own.

I hope through sharing this with you I have encouraged someone to keep on going. Stay true to your character. It doesn’t matter if one or two people says something bad about you because the good from the other ten people outweighs the bad. Stay strong and find a way to let go of the negativity.

Love Jadine Delarose x

Published by Jadinedelarose

Wedding and Events Planner BA in Fashion Degree Jamaican Heritage

2 thoughts on “I Hate You

  1. As always wisdom from our Jadine amazing to see you grow in every way and become a strong, Ambitious, caring and so determined Young woman you go girl your positivity shines through and you always me feel good Love you xx


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