Mother’s Day

This has been the first Mother’s Day I’ve experienced where I’ve seen my mum in so much pain. Have you ever witnessed a mother on mother’s day who has experienced pain? A woman who you look up to that stays strong at all times, to see them crumble can be heartbreaking. I want to share this with you as someone who often finds it hard to truly talk about her feelings that, you should find that one person who you can confide in. This person doesn’t have to be a family member, partner or friend. It can be a Pastor, a teacher, a mentor, a psychologist, a councillor, a boss or work colleague. Once you’ve found that person hold onto them dearly, because you can’t get over something until you truly release yourself from it.

In bottling up your feelings you are only hurting yourself.

To all mothers I write this to you to say you are fearless, you are strong, you are beautiful, you are caring, you are selfless, you are encouraging, you are hardworking, you are friendly, you are courageous, you are a confident, you are a teacher, you are a leader, you are a hero.

To my mother I write this to you to say you are Royal. You’re not just a Pastor, Mother or Grandmother. You are my mother and I thank God everyday for choosing you to be my mother. You have succeeded above and beyond your role as a mother and I never want you to doubt yourself. The road sometimes looks long however you taught me that having faith means you can overcome anything. You raised not just three children, but YOU raised a community! And you should be proud of all that you have accomplished in life.

Mother I am eternally grateful for you and I love you. Always stay true to yourself for that is all that is needed. You are enough!! Thank you for all the sacrifices you have made and thank you for showing me how to be strong.

I will look up to always as my biggest inspiration. Love Jade (babygirl) xx

Published by Jadinedelarose

Wedding and Events Planner BA in Fashion Degree Jamaican Heritage

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